Meet Kite - AI-based Autocompletion Tool for Python

The most annoying part of the coding for me is to type all the syntax.

I think most of you would agree with me. To overcome this hectic task of coding, you can leverage a tool to autocomplete the syntax called.

We are going to see the details and how to work with the software to make Python development faster.

What is Kite?

Kite is an AI-based autocompletion tool for Python. It uses machine learning to help you with the suggestions for keywords while coding in. And it’d completely free.

Look at the glimpses of Kite.

And a YouTube video.

It’s a plugin that can integrate with IDEs and Text Editors to help in coding faster. It works for most of the popular text editors and IDEs like Atom, PyCharm, Sublime, VS Code, Vim, Spyder, and IntelliJ.

Currently, Kite only supports Python. But, there is a plan for expanding the services to other programming languages as well in the future.

Let’s explore the Kite features.

Line-of-Code Completions

As you see in the above demo, line-of-code completion helps to write the code quickly with the recommendations. We can select our desired keywords, functions, methods from the list of mentions by the kite. It is easy, and you don’t have to do anything to get it.

Kite automatically shows the list of responses based on you the first characters.

You can see an example snap above and on the home page of Kite.

Save Time

We can save a lot of time with the Kite. It helps to reduce the time of coding with the autocompletion. Almost 47% of keystrokes will reduce using the Kite.

One-click Documentation

Kite also provides the documentation for Python. While writing code, if you have any doubts on how to use a method, then open the kite app and click on the Click for docs to follow the cursor, then the Kite will automatically show the related docs based on the cursor.

After clicking the docs button, it will look as follows.

Now, open Python file in any text editor and place the cursor on any method, module, or arguments. Kite will show the related docs in the Kite Copilot.

You can move the cursor to a method, modules, or arguments to see the docs in the Kite Copilot. Watch the demo to understand it better.

Intelligent Snippets

Quick snippets allow us to complete the function calls without any efforts. Kite automatically fills the arguments for us to change accordingly.


Kite is secure. You can continue using the Kite without an account. If you want to get weekly stats about using the Kite, then go for the creation of the account. It runs locally, so we don’t have to worry about the data.

Weekly Stats

If you login to an account in the Kite, then it will also send you the mail with autocompletion numbers, the number of hours you spend on coding, etc.., weekly.

Like so far? Let’s see the installation instructions.

Kite is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Installing Kite on Windows

  • Go to thewebsite.
  • Click on the Download Now – It’s Free button.
  • Double click on the file and click on the Yes to start the installation process.

It will take a few seconds to complete the installation.

Installing Kite on Linux

It works on all major distro like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, etc. The following demonstration is from Ubuntu.

  • Go to the
  • Copy the wget command by clicking the copy button
  • Open the terminal and paste the command
  • Hit enter to start the installation
  • Enter again. Enter and hit Enter to continue the process. Give the password when it asks.

After the completion of the installation, the kite will open automatically.

Installing Kite on Mac

  • Go to the official site
  • Click the Download button to download the .dmg file
  • Open the .dmg file and drag the Kite icon into the applications folder.
  • Double click on the kite icon to run it.

Common Installation Steps

You will see the following screen after the completion of the installation.

  • Enter the email and check the Let me choose which editor plugins to install.
  • Click continue
  • Next, select the IDEs and Text Editor from the list of apps available for Kite and click install
  • It will take a few seconds and then the following screen will appear
  • Click on Let’s go! to complete the process.


Kite is an excellent add-on for Python developers. Take advantage of its machine learning features to supercharge the development.

Happy Coding 🙂