14 Best IP Geolocation API to Offer Personalized Content

Amaze your users with personalized greetings, content, and more.

If your online business relies on the user’s location, you should think of leveraging Geolocation API to offer the relevant products, services, news, and. Technically, there are two possible ways to use Geolocation IP.

  • Geo IP database – you buy an IP database and host it on your server and refer to your application. The problem in using the IP database is that you have to update it; otherwise, regularly, you will not have up-to-date IP location information.
  • Geo API – you don’t need to worry about maintaining and updating it regularly. You refer to the API within your application to retrieve the necessary IP information. You pay for what you use.

Let’s take a look at the following Geo IP offering.


They are trusted by HubSpot, Samsung, Microsoft, Airbnb, and thousands of brands.

infrastructure is scalable to serve millions of requests daily. They offer three endpoints.

  • Standard lookup – to get the data behind an IP address
  • Bulk – single query to retrieve multiple IPs data
  • Requester – to fetch data behind requester’s IP address to API

ipstack data is divided into five modules.

  • Location – a standard GeoIP data
  • Time zone – get the time zone so you can serve personalized greetings or products
  • Security – detect if a request is from proxy, TOR, crawler and tag them with a threat level
  • Currency – show the pricing in the user’s local currency
  • Connection – get the ASN and ISP details

The average response time of ipstack API is 25ms, which is excellent. Their free plan includes a location module with 10,000 requests per month.

IP Geolocation API

Cloud-based or self-hosted – your choice!

is a free service that supports IPv4 and IPv6, and you can get the following basic details.

  • Country information like country code, continent, name, language, etc
  • Geo latitude and longitude details
  • Currency
GET  HTTP/1.1{ 'continent': 'Europe', 'alpha2': 'DE', 'country_code': '49', 'international_prefix': '00', 'name': 'Germany', 'languages_spoken': [ 'de' ], 'geo': { 'latitude': 51.165691, 'longitude': 10.451526, }, 'currency_code': 'EUR'}

As you can see, the request-response is returned in JSON format.


Use it with PHP, JavaScript, or REST API.helps with the following information.

  • Location – all the standard geolocation information, including calling code
  • Connection – ASN, hostname, etc
  • Security – Proxy, TOR, Crawler detection, and threat level

ipapi can help with many use cases like:

  • Personalizing the content to your customers,
  • Redirect the webpage based on language detection
  • Show the local currency on a pricing page
  • Prevent fraud signup

You can get it started for FREE with 10,000 lookups.

Abstract API

is serving over 3 billion calls per month to startups and websites like Shopify, Payoneer, Google, and even Stanford.

Their API is returning data like:

  • City, country, and regional location
  • Long lat coordinates
  • Timezone details
  • Currency
  • Internet service provider name
  • Security data including VPN, TOR, proxy, and crawler detection

Their API can be used for a variety of use cases including:

  • Geolocating websites visitors
  • Showing GDPR and cookie banners to European users
  • Translating websites based on a visitor’s location
  • Identifying VPNs, proxies, and bots
  • Blocking visitors from specific countries
  • Preventing fraudulent purchases

And many more…

They provide the largest free plan on the market with up to 20,000 free requests per month.


leverage AWS global infrastructure to offer reliable performance. You can look up a single IP or bulk – your choice. You can get it started from as low as $10 per month. And, you can play around with their services by using a free API key.


  • Carrier detection support to help you find the ISP name
  • Provides detailed Geological data like organization, timezone, ISP, postal code, latitude or longitude, language, country, city, and region.
  • Supports Tor detection – A flag is returned to inform you if the IP address resembles a node of Tor Exit.
  • Provides a country’s major currency details

You can use the API through REST or language-specific libraries – Python, Golang, and Javascript.


offers a GeoIP database and fraud detection services. If you are looking to offer personalized service, ads targetting with fraud detection, Maxmind would be a good choice.

Maxmind also offers the GeoLite2 database, which is free to use under CC international license.


is an efficient API available at a very economical charge. Moreover, it contains a free tier package that allows you to try the APIs. However, it cannot be used for commercial purposes. API data formats are available in JSON, CSV, XML & Newline.

It supports batch query, and you can format the request for the output you want. You can query IPv4, IPv6, or URL.


focuses on providing in-depth geolocation data. Help customers to autocomplete country, city, zip code, and more on your order page, lead generation, signup, etc.

Threat intelligence is included to detect proxy, spam traffic, bad bots, etc.


A simple public IP address without any limits,works flawlessly irrespective of the technology you’re using. You can use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with this open-source API, and the great thing is that none of the visitors’ data is logged into the system.

You can be sure Ipify will continue functioning no matter the season. Even if one of the most disastrous tornado strikes, you can sit back, knowing their service won’t get interrupted. It’s also important to mention that Randall Degges fund this service, so there’s literally no worry of them disappearing in a flash of light.

Ipify is here to stay, and you should make full use of it.


Used by thousands of developers worldwide,is free to use for up to 10,000 requests/month. It delivers accurate data in JSON, XML, and Newline formats, and you can easily integrate it as per your preferences.

This service is known for its great speed and simplicity of the way it works. You won’t have a hard time figuring out the interface or waste time waiting for a single element to load. You can also enjoy support in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Every data that goes back and forth from IPwhois is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.


With a pay-as-you-go payment plan,keeps a great balance of affordability and rich features. You can seamlessly integrate their API in JSON and XML formats without worrying about making too many requests because it’s highly scalable.

Here are some of the many things this API allows you to do:

  • Detect and
  • Locate visitors by IP and identify their currency, timezone, company data, threat data, etc.
  • Analyze logs and enrich forms
  • Perform redirections based on geo IP
  • Identify and target users by a device used

Ipregistry has a long list of happy customers, and you can be one of them by getting started for free. You get 100,000 lookups at no cost for the beginning.


Improve conversion of eCommerce, network traffic analytics with. Integrate into your favorite languages – PHP, C#, ASP, Ruby, Python, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla. Its a free service which allows two queries per second.


offers API and a downloadable database both. It comes with an excellent administrative panel where you can create usage notification alerts, real-time analytics, historical trends, and more.


Reliable and lightning-fast –offers the following.

  • Hosting data – knowthe site/IP
  • Geolocation – user’s exact location with standard GeoIP data
  • Network – ASN or ISP details of visitors
  • Carrier detection – detect carrier name and mobile network code.
  • IP type – check if IP belongs to a consumer, business, or hosting provider.
  • Company – know the visitor’s company name.

With IPInfo data, you can genuinely power your business in many ways.


Most of the GeoIP API products offer FREE or trial, so perform few IP lookups to see which one returns satisfying data. Check outfor Geocoding and Maps API.